Coffee & Counter-Culture

Coffee & Counter-Culture

Coffee has fueled the rebellious art scenes, counterculture thinkers, and spirited dreamers that have been undercurrents of societies across the world. 

The coffee movement came to England in the mid-17th century and birthed coffee houses, a place that quickly served as the home base for these cultural undercurrents. They were also a place with a bean beverage that supported the gathering of ideas and people from artists and visionaries to lovers and intellectuals. 

Around the same time that coffee arrived and coffee houses developed, the Industrial revolution was brewing behind the scenes. Soon arriving in America, the “magic productivity” drink was chained to the development of consumerism, capitalism, and over-working culture. This wouldn’t be the first time that a plant was placed in propaganda with an illusionary relationship of dependence. 

It leads us to wonder: why may coffee be a threat? Mental clarity, big ideas, creativity, community and connection are all holes in the productivity culture. 

Reclaim coffee with celebration and intention! Use this fire for finding your individual flow state.

Think Freely & Love Loudly. 

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