Goats Love Psychoactive Berries

Goats Love Psychoactive Berries

Plants and humans have been exchanging perception experiences with one another for as long as the organic earth has formed. It's said that one of the ways humans have formed these relationships with plants is through observing animals. 

There is an old tale that an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi was walking down a path when he saw goats eating a strange red berry he had never seen before....

As he continued to walk, he discovered that the berry was psychoactive through watching how ingestion changed the goats behavior, or what he is said to have described as them dancing. He joined them in ingestion of the berries and began dancing too!

The rest was history. Humans learned how to roast the seed of this berry and the world was changed because of it. 

Coffee is thought to be first fire-roasted in Yemen by Sufis, likely for the purposes of celebratory community gatherings, offerings, and shifting into altered, spiritual states. The Sufis traveled the world and spread the joy of coffee on their journeys. 

The formation of culture with coffee doesn’t end there! Coffee contains a rich history of medicinal, spiritual, religious, and social uses, and is a symbol of the sun, life, energy, creativity, and intellect. 

Every Deva Coffee bean roasted comes with the infusion of this spirit into it. We carefully source our beans to deliver directly to your home. Freshly roasted, ready to share and spread the love!

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