Barista Wholesale

Welcome! We are very thrilled you are here and cannot wait to connect. 

This page is our dedicated wholesale welcome and respective line sheets, but do not hesitate to reach out to figure out the perfect dynamic for our partnership. 


Let's get into the deets:

The minimum quantity order for wholesale is 15 lbs. 

We only sell freshly roasted whole bean coffee. 

This costs $420 for 15 lbs of any single origin coffee bean, broken down as 320 cups of coffee with 18mg CBD each cup. Wholesaler is paying approximately $1.30 per cup of infused coffee, while MSRP is $6 per cup of infused coffee.


*If you would like to strengthen or lessen the quantity of CBD in your order, please email us with your request - prices will vary between lower and higher costs*


To place your order:

Simply email with the subject line "Wholesale"

We look forward to hearing from you!