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Float Head

Float Head

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This house blend was crafted by float heads ourselves. 
A balanced, bright, clean, vibrant coffee with creamy, velvety, lingering tones of pecan, hazelnut, and dark chocolate. 
This sophisticated cup of love makes for the most delightful post-float sensory experience. 

Pre Order for freshly roasted Float Head to ship January 5, 2023!

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Wet your filter and vessel with hot water. Remove excess water.

Place 25g of coffee in the dripper

Begin to brew your coffee with 200–205°F water, allowing it to bloom for at least 30 seconds before continuing to pour your water, slowly, for 1-2:15 minutes

Allow water to drip and coffee to brew for another minute.



Place 30 grams of coarse Ethiopian specialty coffee in your french press

Pour 60 grams of 200–205°F water in on coffee and let bloom, avgitating grounds

Pour the rest of your water until it reaches 360 - 45 grams water and place lid on top without plunging filter

Brew for 4 minutes

Slowly plunge the filter

Pour & enjoy!


Fill up a pitcher, mason jar or container with 1-part coffee grounds to 4-parts clean water.

Cover and let sit for 12-22 hours, depending on your desired concentraion.

Filter the grinds and serve over ice with added water to taste.