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Sample Kit

Sample Kit

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Can't decide? Enjoy the best of both worlds!

Our sample kit comes with 2oz of the bright and bold Ethiopia Single Origin, and 2oz of our luxurious and dark Float Head. 


Micro-roasted Ethiopian Coffee Beans with notes of caramel, green tea, jasmine and lemon. This single origin will leave you vibin' high and ready to spread the love!

Infused with 100% organic non-GMO USA grown Hemp.

Ingredients: organic coffee*, hemp extract*, and mct oil*

Float Head:

This house blend was crafted by float heads ourselves. A balanced, bright, clean, vibrant coffee with creamy, velvety, lingering tones of pecan, hazelnut, and dark chocolate. 
This sophisticated cup of love makes for the most delightful post-float sensory experience.  

Infused with 100% organic non-GMO USA grown Hemp.

Ingredients: organic coffee*, hemp extract*, and mct oil*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alex Moreno
Holy cup o' joe

Most other coffee gives me an upset stomach because of its acidity and my weak stomach. Other coffees also usually make me feel tweaky, but this is the perfect blend of a well balanced energy to get me through the day and is a coffee that I can enjoy without worry of stomach aches plus the taste is great. Highly recommend!

Sabrina Handlon
Sabrina H

This coffee was amazing. I drank the Float Head Open Geary Roast before going to the gym and had a great workout without any jitters. Would highly recommend giving this dark roast a try. I really enjoyed the Hazelnut and chocolate notes in the coffee, it made for a great espresso. If I could give this product 10 stars I would.

Tastes great, feels even better!

I'm loving both blends, especially the dark roast, Float Head. The coffee feels clean and gives me greater focus and ease with the added CBD. I noticed I feel more clear headed and less jittery then if I was drinking my usual coffee. I highly recommend!!



Wet your filter and vessel with hot water. Remove excess water.

Place 25g of coffee in the dripper

Begin to brew your coffee with 200–205°F water, allowing it to bloom for at least 30 seconds before continuing to pour your water, slowly, for 1-2:15 minutes

Allow water to drip and coffee to brew for another minute.



Place 30 grams of coarse Ethiopian specialty coffee in your french press

Pour 60 grams of 200–205°F water in on coffee and let bloom, avgitating grounds

Pour the rest of your water until it reaches 360 - 45 grams water and place lid on top without plunging filter

Brew for 4 minutes

Slowly plunge the filter

Pour & enjoy!


Fill up a pitcher, mason jar or container with 1-part coffee grounds to 4-parts clean water.

Cover and let sit for 12-22 hours, depending on your desired concentraion.

Filter the grinds and serve over ice with added water to taste.